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Wells Fargo Uses Attorneys to Take Away Employee's Family Member as Retaliation.  I reported very large issues of fraud internally and then to FBI and other Agencies.  All reports posted on www.RisePatriot.com. Technology did them in.

The attorneys call their buddies and arrange things like falsified arrest (corporate kidnapping) and removal of family members.  Proven with their own letters.

What they do is so crazy it could not be believed which is why I got all the OFFICIAL COURT AUDIO and POSTED IT. 

Wells Fargo via their ATTORNEYS are the Death of America and the Rape of our Families via ATTORNEYS who are robbing Wells Fargo blind.  They are Bank Robbers.
Wells Fargo and Family Court - Battery by Legal Process

July 29, 2011  Kidnapping #1 by Mob-Directed/Owned Police
August 4, 2011 District Court SLAPP Suit by Wells Fargo over NOTHING

This Page:  The Side they Never Imagined You Would HEAR and SEE !

Removal of Guardian happened in 2 months after Wells Fargo Kidnapping #1
Jobless.  Reduction of Spousal Support of $5,500 deliberately prolonged
for nearly 3 years.  All hearings went into quite a bit of Wells Fargo details.
Assertion based on all evidence:  it was 'rigged'.  The guardianship removal almost certainly was and it can be proven one way or the other. 

Guardianship of Retarded Adult Son Taken Away by Wells Fargo Attorney Ogletree Deakins in October 2011.  I asserted "proximate cause" at the very least.
My ex-wife delivered The Clue at the 2.12.14 Spousal Support Reduction Hearing
She claimed in Court "She Received a Notice (to remove the guardianship).

Notices like that do not 'just go out by chance'.  You can see how Wells Fargo attorney Ogletree Deakins used yet another attorney:  Steven Seymour of...

He seems pretty tight with Gerry Gaydos, who was a local attorney who coordinated the emergency guardianship removal.  

All Court processes reference and discuss in some detail the Wells Fargo matter.

So all we have to do is find out EXACTLY how that "notice went out" to remove Guardianship.  Nothing can hide in the systems.  Whatever was done will be Discovered, which is why they best Confess Now.

America:  Children are taken every day all over America.  The parents are mostly young white folks who are charged with minor drug or alcohol matters and then crushed by the system that is supposed to help them.

Sound Crazy?  Go listen to the court audio and imagine that is YOU sitting there having YOUR son taken away and knowing it is at least proximate cause to Wells Fargo and most likely... attorney made a call. 

Kids...usually around 3 years old.. are given to the Foster Care biz where 75% are ABUSED and 30% are RAPED and the abusers and rapists are PAID for their perversion.  Private home foster care =
State Paid RAPE OF CHILDREN IN VAST NUMBERS.  Google:  Foster Care Child Abuse.
DISCLAIMER:  regular families are not a whole lot better, sometimes worse so... that is one way to lie with statistics I suppose.  Get it?  You can say 75% of kids in foster care are abused.  Then you research (as I did long ago) and find most of the abuse is theoretical, many of the kids are discipline problems like all kids, and regular families have it hard sometimes too. 

Wells Fargo is neck-deep in the biz via some of their employees.  There is so very much imbedded in my case that has yet to come out, it all gets down to material
in this document submitted as part of the DOL/OSHA
Personally, I do not care if Wells Fargo is the Mafia.  I have absolutely NO problems with MOBS, which took good care of valued workers and did not tolerate supervisors being greedy or abusing the Worker or the "Company".  

When the Mafia had to discipline employees, they generally tried to

Wells Fargo via Ogletree Deakins absolutely did.  They do it via other attorneys who they know.  They "put out a call" and ...viola... you are being hit in all the courts at one time. 
What this shows us:  Criminal matters involving a DECADE in prison for faxes:  1.5 hours of court time spread out over 6 months and 4 judges, none of whom have a scintillla of evidence or facts while I am under duress of my life and bleeding financially.

Matters involving taking away people's family and children and freely owned houses:  A few hours of court time and a "special attorney" who most likely "got a call" from his buddy Steven Seymour.  That is currently my best guess why a "notice" would have gone out to my ex-wife.

Spousal support? $5,500 per month while unemployed for years and it is finally got reduced to $2,500 per month.  MONEY?  Hours upon endless pointless hours in our very, very broken "Church Courts" where women are encouraged to lie and scream in Court to emotionally co-opt the judge.  Even the JUDGE "called her a liar" in his closing remarks but did not investigate what is living nightmare.
Funny?  Same judge (Hon. McAlpin) as the STALKING MATTER
At the EXACT same time they had me SWAT kidnapped, garnished my money, SLAPPED me in District Court...they took away my guardianship with NO REASON.  See how that was perpetrated.  It was most likely 'phoned in' by the attorneys.  Which attorney put the ball into motion?  Ex-wife did not so who did????  It was due to deliberate false threat profiling in a national database.
Click here for Notice of Adjudicative Fact indicating I was wrongly entered into a 'threat ID system.
Click here for "home visitor reports" from Catholic Hospital Worker Jasmine Villegren
used to justify the family member removal and read the Wells Fargo connection in court documents.  They can write that nonsense about anyone and snatch their kids. And the state does it frequently.  Notice Matt Bromley, son of ex-wife's divorce attorney's partner involvement.  It is all about MONEY now and later.  Systematic setup and pillaging.
Banking RICO Evidence Main  Site:  www.RisePatriot.com

is the legal battery site
that goes along with what Wells Fargo perpetrates using
attorneys.  I have been telling the attorneys for 6 years Wells Fargo and Company won't like what was done in Their Name.
The Court of Sammy Davis Jr.
Along with all on RisePatriot.com, i was being hit in all courts at once and no court cared about the other.  They planned it.
2.14.14 Spousal Support Reduction Hearing
Part:  One    Two    Three    Four     Five    Six    Seven    Eight    Nine
2.28.12 Spousal Support Reduction Hearing (very hard to hear, will be working on amplified versions.  Organized defaming and abuse, directly , tied into the Wells Fargo Attorneys from all I can see.  It is a small town.
Part:   One     Two     Three   Four     Five    Six  

9.16.12 First of THREE attempts to take my free-owned home away
Hear Audio. In other words, there are 2 other hearings like this one.  She even tried to take my 2003 broken Ford Focus.  She has 2 houses, several cars, blah blah.   They delayed hearing reduction of $5,500 per month and I had to liquidate my last major financial asset:  a 401K that had ex-wife as beneficiary.
It was all to 'feed her pig-attorney'.  All that was inflicted upon me was to feed a Pig Attorney of her or the Company
Wells Fargo:  Guilt by Proximate Cause at the very least.
Most likely... their attorneys "put out a call to then Judge/Mediator Hogan...very powerful and corrupted",i
It is what evidence strongly suggests.
If so?  Act of Genocide or a Novel Crime
Wells Fargo uses Ogletree Deakins Employment Law to terminally batter lowest level workers using false police reports, removal of family, and SLAPP suits. 
EvidenceSite: www.RisePatriot.com
Sarbanes-Oxley 18 USC 1519:  www.GoodShipGinsburg.com
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Retaliation via
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Forced Removal of Guardianship
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